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Custom Entry Door by Ludbrook's Joinery
Custom Entry Door by Ludbrook's Joinery
Custom Entry Door by Ludbrook's Joinery
Custom Entry Doors by Ludbrook's Joinery
Custom Entry Doors by Ludbrook's Joinery
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Classical Windows by Ludbrook's Joinery

Ballarat Custom Made Windows

Ludbrook’s windows give the flexibility to create any look or operation required. Our custom built windows can be made to any size and even individual components of the window and be specified to unique dimensions.

Why Timber Windows?

Timber windows offer superior thermal qualities and comfort of living. They provide the benefit of cutting your heating and cooling bills. A single glazed timber window will perform at a similar level to a double glazed aluminium window. As members of the Window And Door Industry Council (WADIC), we pride ourselves on providing the best possible products and service to our customers.

Lift and slide

At Ludbrooks use German hardware to create a very practical and usable large sliding door. This can be experienced in our showroom. When the handle is cranked the door lifts up out of its many seals and can then be pushed along with minimal friction. We can do sliding panels up to 300kg and 3m square. This is a very impressive system.

Awning and Casement

Quality easy to turn opening windows. It is a breeze to operate the scissor action winder. Ventilation made simple.


With over 60 years in business few know traditional windows better that Ludbrooks. We combine the best of traditional and modern methods to manufacture new windows to suit any design. Flexibility is possible through experience and equipment to replicate or create any traditional style window. Box frame weights and cords, spiral balanced, particular moldings, types of glass, component dimensions are all easily change variables.


Whether you are looking to enhance the façade of your home, recreate traditional doors and entryways, bring the outside in with clever folding or sliding systems or just create a door as distinctive as your home, Ludbrook’s Joinery can help. We have the ability to source premium quality exotic & Australian timbers which will allow our master joiners to create the bespoke Timber Door solution you are searching for. Design your own Custom Door or leave it to us to create an inspired solution just for you.

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Leonie Spencer
“Time and time again I have been impressed with the professionalism and quality of the work from Tom and the boys. I often find myself recommending them to friends and clients.”
Daniel, Adriaans Building Contractors